Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Getting Started In Information Technology Computer Consulting
One of the best things about being in the Information Technology industry is consulting For purposes of this article Im using the term consulting in reference to side jobs or moonlighting work While full time Computer Consultants can also benefit from the tips in this article Im really writi

Preparing for a Career in Information Technology
So you want to work in the Information Technology field In this article ill provide some advice to those seeking employment in this field Keep in mind these are my opinions others may agree or disagree Mechanic or Engineer The first question to answer is which direction do you w

Mind Machine Interfacing
SQUID In 1984 I was partnered with a Cable TV engineer and founding father by the name of Ray Osborne He was working with people developing oscillating noise loop broadband technologies These technologies were eventually bought by the Pentagon to use in untappable secure message or


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