Saturday, October 01, 2005

Groupware Proves to Be a Versatile Employee

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Groupware Proves to Be a Versatile Employee

Author: Joe Miller


Groupware is a software or hardware that manages documents on which organizations and groups collaborate. Groupware, of some form or another, has become a much sought after technology among businesses. Each groupware package includes tools which are meant to meet the needs of a business. Don�t be alarmed that when your business begins its search for a groupware package that 5,590,000 indexed pages will greet you on Google, 3,820,000 on Yahoo, and 950,316 on MSN. The fact is the market knows that your business needs a groupware package.

In today�s Information Age, business collaboration is only harnessed by the speed and efficiency of its technology. Businesses, large and small, maintain some sort of groupware technology in order to manage document sharing quickly and efficiently. Since groupware is meant to manage documents on which organizations and groups collaborate, the groupware package you choose must be able to work the way your business does.

Thomas Edison once said, �There ain�t no rules around here. We�re just trying to accomplish something.� Whether we like it or not, this is the case in much, if not most, of business collaboration. In other words, the ideal collaboration process would be organized into a regular process, and records of drafts would be stored in files in a way that you would always know where they are. But, the real collaboration process generally involves an ad hoc process of emails whirling back and forth in a cyclone of copies and drafts, saved across multiple email accounts and hard drives. When deadlines draw near and it�s time to merge the changes, it is almost impossible to organize drafts and records in order to have an accurate point of reference.

A Versatile Employee

When deadlines come due, the versatile survive. Businesses need a document manager that can handle the ad hoc jumble that accompanies document collaboration and groupware. Digital Thread technology has stepped up to the challenge and proven itself to be one of your most versatile employees.

Since documents are saved across multiple emails and hard drives by multiple users, businesses need groupware that tracks documents across multiple emails and hard drives and works with multiple users. Groupware with Digital Thread technology is able to do that. Digital Thread also creates digital signatures each time an email is opened with a new draft attached, telling you where it is saved and when the last set of changes were made. When it comes to bringing everything together in the end, Digital Thread creates a version history flow chart and displays merging options.

There is a way to sift through the millions of groupware packages available, and to find technology that works for your business. Because businesses need to manage the ad hoc nature of document collaboration, they need to search for a content management tool, or groupware that is built specifically for ad hoc document management.

About the Author

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and Online Advertisements on business software. View Informational Articles on Groupware.


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